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About Us

Hands grasping sunDr. Justin Kim opened his office in 2001, shortly after earning his Doctor of Chiropractic at Logan University in the U.S. He provides wellness care for your entire family, covering the needs of everyone. From newborns to those in their 90s and beyond, everyone is welcome at our clinic.

Our Gentle, All-Ages Approach

Dr. Justin focuses on providing chiropractic care with the Thompson Technique. This method uses a comfortable table with a specialized drop piece. It means an easier adjustment for you, even if you are in extreme pain or feel apprehensive about going to the chiropractor. Dr. Justin will walk you through each step of the way and make sure that we only proceed when you’re prepared to do so.

You’ll find that Dr. Justin is approachable, personable and explains his findings from your examination or what he’s doing for your adjustment in ways you can understand. He’s easy to communicate with and welcomes your feedback at all times.

Schedule Your First Appointment

We have same-day bookings available if you would like to get in immediately. We’re also open late for your convenience. Contact our office today to get answers to your questions or to schedule your visit!

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